Swing Park in Ķeipene

Swing higher – look farther!

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Information about events in Swing Park

Swing Park in Ķeipene offers

Swing Park- Sauna with rituals

Sauna with rituals

Various sauna rituals. Energy purification. Healing massages. Procedures for beauty and health. Tea, tree and herbal brushes, natural scrubs, healthy masks.

Swing Park in Ķeipene- Outdoor leisure

Outdoor leisure

Swing Park is a unique place for recreation and sightseeing. Here are the highest swings in Latvia and also the most swings in one place.

Swing Park in Ķeipene- Holiday house

Holiday house

In the winter, a holiday house – one room with 5 beds and an opportunity to place additional mattresses. In summer, there are also tents and trailer places

Swing Park in Ķeipene- Gift card

Gift card

You can buy gift cards to please your friends and relatives. Gift card can be used for both sauna rituals and overnight stay.

Swing with your loved ones!

  • Swinging is a very healthy activity, it arranges the energy, balances and mobilizes a person. Swings are the source of energy accumulation. When there is a strong energy peak in nature, you can get a lot of it by swinging. Swings allow you to get away from the ground, catch a rhythm and your heart to rejoice.

  • But perhaps there is nothing to think about, to watch and understand – look at how your children are laughing - can you forget everything and enjoy the same amount of freedom and joy? Enjoy the magic of the flight! Be free and happy!

  • There is an open-air hearth place and a sauna in territory of the park. Hostess offers professional sauna rituals and overnight accommodation.

  • Entrance by donations.

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