Swing Park in Ķeipene – outdoor leisure

Swing Park in Ķeipene – outdoor leisure

Author of the idea for Swin Park - Inese Stare:

"Swings are like angels who have come to our world - they give wings to our soul, to open all the hidden treasures in it and let them bloom.

Swings allow you to draw away from the ground, perceive the rhythm of life. Everything becomes possible, everything can change to the right, everything can come into life – you just have to wish for it! "

  • Swing Park is a unique place for recreation and sightseeing. Here are the highest swings in Latvia and also the most swings in one place.

  • There are swings in the park with symbolic names:

  • “Giant swings“ with a boat hang up in ropes, that are 11m in height,
  • “Wheel”,
  • “Norwegian wheel”,
  • “Happiness circle”,
  • “Oriole cradle” etc.

  • You can also see installations created by metalworkers.

  • Special programs have been created: For excursion groups; birthday, christening, wedding celebrations and other events.

  • A beautiful hearth place for picnics and celebrations. Tables (like a bar counter) are placed on old stone walls, there are surfaces of various height made of glass and wood. A wide range of swaying seats around.

  • There is no need to make an appointment - swing park is open to everyone at any time. Entrance by donations, when paying in a donation box.

  • Collective events and use of the territory are to be coordinated with the hostess.

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